Tara Martin Photography | About
Hi I'm Tara.
Well this is not me these are my wedding shoes, and as with many photographers I am most happy behind the camera.
I have been taking pictures for almost my whole life. I got my photography Degree, I assisted for a while and then started to shoot for my self. At first I was a still life photographer (Shoes, Handbag, jewellery, perfume. every girls dream).
Them came My dream in the form of my two very boystrous and noisy boys and with that a change of direction and a new found love of creating images of children and families. For me I think it is only something you can do when you have had children yourself, and you understand family life, children's needs and parents desires.
As you may notice in this website you may see a bride and groom, A mum-to-be or a family shoot all with the same faces, this is not because I have hired to same model, but because I have been lucky enough to be invited back to capture another event in there lives. Which for me is the nicest compliment I could receive.
I love what I do, and I hope you will too.